Talca: Traditional festivals, fresh air and vineyards to visit all year round

August, 2019- With our recharged energy we comeback after this weekend in the city of Talca, with amazing sightseeing in the capital of the Maule region, located just 3 hours south of Santiago de Chile.

“Get Away”

In just two days we experienced one of the largest gastronomic festivals in the country, the “11ª Fiesta Costumbrista del Chancho Muerto” (traditional death pig fest), where we had a warm reception of winemakers and enologists from the Casas Patronales and Terra Noble vineyards.

In these vineyards the hosts made an extensive tour of the facilities as well as offering us tastings of their best harvests of the maulian soils.

An unmissable area that also allows short trips for travelers on weekends, with tourist facilities and services strongly promoted by the Mayor’s Office, the Government and local entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of reasons for the independent portal of architecture Homify to place Talca as one of the 5 best places to live in Chile, next to La Serena, Los Andes, Santiago and Valdivia.

Countryside, beach and mountain range

On other trips we will go to the Maule coast with many beaches and traditional activities. We will also plan to go to: Maule Valley Wine Route (there are about 15 vineyards in the area), Altos del Lircay National Reserve, Maule Valley, Seven Cups National Reserve, and many activities that we are about to explore.

Our country has a wide variety of tourist attractions of unique beauty that we necessarily have to travel to fully enjoy our surroundings

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