Almost 20 thousand Chileans have chosen France as an unmissable destination, which is positioned within the three destinations in Europe most required by Chileans when traveling abroad. In general they spend at least two weeks, according to statistics recently published by the Undersecretary of Tourism of Chile.


In this context, in March AIR FRANCE- KLM signed an agreement with Atour France, with the purpose of strengthening the collaboration between both, and improving the options for those who want to visit the largest country in Western Europe.

The agreement contemplates promotion and information actions that highlight the diversity of the French tourist offer, and add to the reinforcement of the services offered to Air France customers.

During 2018, Air France transported 12.1 million passengers from / to that country, of which 8.3 million from / to Paris and 3.8 million from / to the French regions. Atout France has carried out more than 2,700 international promotion operations for French destinations, trained 25,000 professionals and organized more than 2,000 press receptions in this country.


Patrick Alexandre, General Director of Air France-KLM in the Sales and Alliances area said: “We are very happy with our partnership with Atout France as joint actions will be developed to increase our tourist flows, not only to Paris, but also to also to other French regions. We are committed to maintaining the attractiveness of France at the center of our commercial strategy. ”


Meanwhile, the CEO of Atout France, Christian Mantei, added: “The agreement we signed with Air France is a solid signal. The actions deployed will support the activity in Paris, in Ile-de-France and in all French destinations. ”


Pía Lackman, general manager of Air France – KLM in Chile, points out: “This is an excellent opportunity for Chilean travelers, since we are convinced that France is a great alternative to visit in different seasons of the year. Considering our extensive network and our offer of daily flights from Santiago, this alliance increases the options so that they visit more French destinations. “