We are a team that loves to travel. We are passionate about finding destinations, planning personalized itineraries and achieving unique experiences in our journeys.


Each one of us has known and lived in different parts of the world and we have learned that we not only look for destinations but also impregnate ourselves with culture, traditions, food, dances and local art.


We created Look Travel in 2018 after talking with many other travelers, tourists, businessmen, journalists and various specific interest groups. In these gatherings, we realized that after trips, more than places, the images that remain in the memory are always linked to the emotion that caused us a place, a face, an anecdote.


We love to travel and our interest is to collaborate so that life is always a little happier for us and for all those who dare to be carried away by travel experiences.

Foto Patricia



To travel has fed my ancestral passion to know people, cultures, ideas, struggles. I had the opportunity to be a doctor but I was loyal to my lifelong love: journalism, with whom I have maintained a sweet and graceful romance for 25 years. I am a searcher, curious, impulsive, questioning, risky, qualified, master and, why not, aspiring writer.

At four years old I took my first plane and fell in love with the experience. Since then I love to travel and receive foreigners. I am independent, creative and spontaneous, I have worked in many things: saleswoman, waitress, producer of events, hostess in hostels, promoter of tours and as a journalist. I am passionate about caring for the environment, activist for non-discrimination. I like to meet people, learn through their experiences and stories and support them to know the most interesting spaces of this magical country. Today I do what I love: making the planet a little happier.

Foto Catalina


From a very young age I began to travel: with my family, to camp in the jungle, to cross the coasts and the different landscapes that managed to amaze me and open new horizons. I am a musician and together with my guitar I have traveled part of the continent, learning from its people and its cultures. I am grateful for life for the experiences that have helped me grow as a person.

What makes us different?

Travel experiences


Our main objective is to answer to the need of travelers from all over the world to achieve unique travel experiences and according to particular interests or groups. That is why we make creative proposals focused on specific segments, with different motivations and with different trajectories in travel experiences.



We offer exclusively quality trips. We make a meticulous selection of destinations, tours and experiences and make a close and permanent accompaniment to travelers. We seek the best price / quality ratio, always privileging the best available service.



We know that life is versatile and that it requires constantly creating and innovating. Every day we worry about investigating, studying and relating with others so that each of us is in itself a professional asset of excellence in travel.